Newsletter: September 09, 2010

Northeast ADA Center September 9, 2010 News Bulletin

**SPECIAL ALERT:  The Department of Justice's new regulations for Titles II and III of the ADA will be published on September 15th! They will go on public inspection on September 14th at 8:45am and will be published together in a Separate Part, Part #2. The effective date for each Title is March 15, 2011.

What's New in Our Region:

Free Webinar on the Intersection of NYS Law and the ADA Sept. 23rd:
The Northeast ADA Center's next webinar, "Intersections & Crossroads: New York State (NYS) Human Rights Law and the ADA", will be September 23rd from 1:00-2:30pm EDT. Facilitated by John Herrion, Director of Disability Rights at the NYS Division of Human Rights and LaWanda Cook, Northeast ADA Center, this webinar will review and compare how disability is addressed under these two laws across several areas of life, including employment and housing. To register, go to:

Conferencia sobre la ADA para las personas sordas en el oeste de Puerto Rico:
El 11 de septiembre de 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm, en el Teatro Sol del pueblo de San Germán en el oeste de Puerto Rico, se llevará a cabo la conferencia: "La ADA y la Accesibilidad para los Sordos".  Se tocarán los temas de empleo, educación y salud.  La Lcda. Irlanda Ruiz, adiestradora de la Red de Adiestradores de la ADA del Northeast ADA Center, será la recurso.  Además, durante la actividad estarán representantes del gobierno para atender las necesidades de los asistentes.  La actividad es libre de costo, la vestimenta debe ser casual-elegante y habrá refrigerios.  Para más información puede comunicarse con el Sr. Gilberto García al (787) 562 - 7910, o escribir a    

Fall and Winter Workshop Series in Plattsburgh, New York Begins Sept. 14th:
The North Country Center for Independence and the Northeast ADA Center, are providing a series of ADA related workshops over the next few months at the Plattsburgh North Country Chamber of Commerce in Plattsburg, NY. The first one, "Getting Hired and Moving Ahead in a Job When Working with a Disability", will be September 14th from 10:00am-12:00pm and is free of charge. Future workshops, most of which are free, include "Tapping into Talent: Best Practices in Hiring, Retaining, and Accommodating People with Disabilities", "Disability Awareness", "Serving Customers with Disabilities", and "Accessible Technology and Websites".  For more information or to register, contact Norman L. Karp, Community Work Incentives Coordinator and ADA Trainer, at (518) 891-2108 or or visit

NYS Rehabilitation Summit & Employment Institute Sept. 27-28th:
The Rehabilitation Research and Training Institute will hold a Summit on September 27-28th in Albany, New York. The Summit is for program managers and supervisors, rehabilitation counselors, service coordinators, and anyone who works with, or supports, the independence and community inclusion of people with disabilities. On September 29th there will be an Employment Institute to support community rehabilitation programs in planning for community services and employment of people with disabilities. Access more information and the registration site at:

Celebración de la Cultura de los Sordos en Puerto Rico:
El 28 de septiembre, de 8:00 am a 12 pm, el Movimiento para el Alcance de Vida Independiente (MAVI) conmemorará la importancia de la cultura de los sordos, en las oficinas de la entidad ubicadas en Caguas, en la Calle Celis Aguilera # 59.  Como parte de este evento, Ivette Lecumberry, técnica de vida independiente para personas sordas, y es miembro de esa comunidad, hablará sobre la cultura de las personas sordas y sus familias.  Además la Lcda. Yessica M. Guardiola, ofrecerá una conferencia sobre cómo la Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) aplica a las personas en esta comunidad.  Este evento es gratuito y abierto al público en general.  Para obtener más información o para registrarse, llame al (787) 746-7438 (voz o TTY), 1 (866) 781 - 0189 (Video-Teléfono) o escriba a

NJ Governor Signs Legislation to Remove 'Mental Retardation' from Laws:
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation that removes references to people with developmental disabilities in NJ statutes and regulations that are considered outdated and disrespectful. The bill, S-1982, eliminates references such as "mental retardation", "mentally retarded", and "feeble-minded" and replaces them with "intellectual disability" or "developmental disability". All future legislation will use this new language.  To read more, go to:


What's New in the Rest of the Country:

FREE National Disability Employment Awareness Month Posters Available:
The Office of Disability Employment Policy's National Disability Employment Awareness Month poster reflecting this year's theme, Talent has no boundaries, is now available. Posters can be downloaded in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French, Navajo, and Lakota or you can order free hard copy versions in English and Spanish:

AAPD Launches Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) in D.C. on October 20th!
In honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which is October, the 2010 Disability Mentoring Day will be held Wednesday October 20th. This year, the American Association for People with Disabilities will bring the DMD National Launch to Washington, D.C. to lift up their many public partners including the Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy, Department of Education, and Social Security Administration. On October 20th, AAPD with the Department of Labor and this year's lead national sponsor of DMD, Walmart, will host a kick-off reception featuring national leaders and key stakeholders and offer high-level job shadowing experiences to several college students and recent graduates with disabilities. To learn more about AAPD's event, as well as about DMD and events that may be happening in your area, go to: Enhances Emergency Preparedness Website: has created an Emergency Preparedness section of their Web site which features information and resources to help us know how to prepare for, and effectively respond to, the needs of people with disabilities during emergencies. On this site you will find information on personal preparedness, organizational preparedness, emergency management planning, disaster recovery, and a Guide for emergency planners, managers, and first responders, that contains information on how to involve people with disabilities in emergency planning, the need for accessible temporary housing, and evacuation tips. To access all of these resources, go to:

Class Action Suit Against the Social Security Administration (SSA):
About 2000 current and former Social Security employees with disabilities have initiated a class-action lawsuit against the SSA alleging the federal agency discriminates against employees with disabilities by denying or limiting promotions, even to those who appeared on a government "best qualified" list. An office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) affirmed a 2008 decision by an EEOC administrative judge that certified the case as a class action. The case will now be remanded to an administrative judge for trial. To read more, go to:,0,1115424.story

ODEP Grants Nearly $1 Million in Continued Funding for Youth Center:
The Office of Disability Employment Policy plans to award an additional $999,926 to continue funding the Youth Technical Assistance Center through the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth.  This group assists state and local workforce development systems in better serving youth with disabilities and providing cutting edge information on the connection between education, employment, and independent living. To read the press release, go to: 

New Congressional Access Guide Released:
In recognition of the ADA's 20th anniversary, Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) has published an updated version of his Accessibility Manual- a comprehensive guide to providing Senate offices and constituents with valuable information on accessibility throughout the U.S. Capitol Complex. Enzi stated, "I hope all staff will feel free to use this manual as they develop policies and procedures for accommodating individuals with accessibility needs, whether they are visiting our nation's capital or working in a Congressional office." To read more and access the guide, go to:

DOL's Employee Benefits Security Administration Updates Website:
The Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Website now includes the following: A fact sheet and frequently asked questions on maintaining health coverage after the COBRA premium reduction ends. These can be found at: and; a press release regarding an upcoming joint hearing on lifetime income options in retirement plans:; information and registration materials for the DOL Speaks: 2010 Employee Benefits Conference:


Opportunities for You!

Upcoming U.S. Access Board Webinars:
The U.S. Access Board has several upcoming webinars which will be offered free of charge. Topics will be: accessible routes (October 7), airport terminals (November 4), and play areas (December 2).  Further information is posted on the Access Board's website at

AAPD Leadership Award Applications due October 1st:
The American Association of People with Disabilities has launched their national search for emerging leaders with disabilities who exemplify leadership, advocacy, and dedication to and for the broader disability community to receive the 2011 Paul G. Hearne Leadership Awards. Two individuals will each receive $10,000 to help them continue their progress and further connect their work with the national outreach of AAPD, as well as star in a short documentary film about their work and have an opportunity to attend the AAPD Leadership Gala in Washington, D.C. in March.  Applications are due October 1st.  To access more information and the application, go to:


Special Spotlight:  Disability and Employment:

The state of affairs regarding employment of people with disabilities continues to be an area of concern among the disability community. Working age people all over the country with various levels of education and work experience are being negatively impacted by the economic downturn, especially people with disabilities. The news is not all bad though. There are employers, including our own Federal Government, who are recognizing that employing quality people is imperative for business survival and success, and that making workplaces attractive, and accommodating, to people with disabilities- the largest minority in our country- can help ensure success in the workplace for all.  With October as National Disability Employment Awareness Month, now more than ever is the time for us to improve the employment options for people with disabilities, thereby improving success and productivity for employers.  Read below for more:

Advancing Disability Employment: A Labor Day Call-to-Action from Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy Kathy Martinez:

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis comments on data about labor force participation for persons with disabilities:

AAPD comments Secretary Solis for the focus on disability employment:

Washington Post article on new statistics regarding workers with disabilities:

Wall Street Journal article about people with disabilities facing higher jobless rate:

 August 2010 Disability Employment Statistics:  


See you in a few weeks!